Do you need more control over your home lighting?

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Do you need more control over your home lighting?

14 January 2022
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How much thought do you give to your home lighting? Perhaps you flick the lights on in the evening and turn them off when you go to bed without too much consideration? Maybe, the only time you worry about the level of lighting is when something goes wrong. Perhaps, one of the bulbs stops working, or a switch is stuck and no longer controls the lights? Rather than treating your home lighting as incidental, there is a way to get more from your lighting. By fitting a Wi-Fi-controlled RGB strip light, you can turn lighting into a feature of your property. Here are three reasons to consider adding a Wi-Fi-controlled RGB strip light to your home.

Greater convenience — Getting up to turn a light on or off can sometimes be inconvenient. Most of the time, there is little hardship in walking across a room to flick a light switch, but there will always be exceptions to that rule. Perhaps, you have climbed into bed and forgotten to switch off the bedroom light? Maybe, you have walked upstairs and left a light on downstairs? It could be that you have an exterior light with an outside switch, and you don't want to go out in the rain to turn it on or off. If you need to control a light without being near it, fitting a Wi-Fi-controlled RGB strip light is a great solution. Wi-Fi-controlled lights can be managed via an app on your smartphone or tablet. The strip lights can even be set to function using voice commands to Alexa or Google Home.

Greater security — Have you ever gone out for an evening and worried about leaving your home in darkness? Maybe you are concerned about coming home to a completely dark building. With a WiFi-controlled RGB strip light, you can set the lights to be controlled by a timer, or you can turn the lights on using your smartphone app before you get out of the car on a dark evening. Possessing the ability to control the lights introduces more security for you. Thieves are less likely to approach a building that appears to be occupied, and you can approach your home in the light, irrespective of the surrounding darkness.

Greater ambience — A Wi-Fi-controlled RGB strip light can do more than turn lights on and off. A Wi-Fi controller will often allow you to control the colour or hue of the lights, as well as their intensity. Many Wi-Fi controllers permit you to set the light to modulate to the sound of your voice or any music that may be playing, so you can establish the perfect ambience for a party or a bedtime story for your children.

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