Could You Benefit From a Fibre-Optic Cabling Installation?

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Could You Benefit From a Fibre-Optic Cabling Installation?

5 January 2021
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Are you finding that your company's computer network is struggling to keep up? Maybe you are waiting an increasingly long time for files to travel across the network or for your printers or scanners to respond to requests. If your network is sluggish, then it can start to give you real problems that can have an impact on how successfully your team members can work together and how effectively you can serve the needs of your customers. While there are often things that you can do to increase the performance of a copper data network, there are also plenty of good reasons to consider that this could be the perfect moment to arrange for a fibre-optic cabling installation for your business.

Why choose a fibre-optic cabling installation?

While there are plenty of reasons to think about a fibre-optic cabling installation, there are two that will come top of almost anyone's list.

Increased data speed 

Copper may have been the backbone of computer networks in the past, but increasing file sizes and a demand for faster operations mean that today it is frequently unable to provide the bandwidth needed by commercial clients. By arranging for a fibre-optic cabling installation company to visit and design a fibre-optic network for your business, you can discover new possibilities with a new network that can connect with resources and transfer data at speeds which are impossible with a copper-based network.

Greater data security 

Data security is an ever-present concern for any business that has a computer network or that stores customer information. Your customers need to have confidence that that information they share with you is not going to to find its way into the wrong hands. As a business, you must also ensure that your corporate secrets aren't leaked to your professional rivals or cyber-criminals. With a copper-based network, there are always going to be ways the network can be breached, but because a fibre-optic cabling installation relies on light rather than electrical signals, there are not any signals emitted from the cable. The only way a fibre-optic cable can be breached is by cutting it, and that will bring down the network and alert you to what the criminals are trying to accomplish.

To learn more about the advantages that a fibre-optic cabling installation can offer to your business, call your local installation company today and arrange for them to visit your site.