Are you looking for a new lighting solution?

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Are you looking for a new lighting solution?

12 January 2021
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When you want to brighten the appearance of your property, then introducing more light is a highly effective technique. Whether you are thinking about celebrating Christmas, a significant birthday or you prefer better lighting, then adding lights to the property is the right decision. However, fitting individual lights can be inconvenient in the longer-term as each light normally needs to be manually controlled. You will need to inspect every bulb and then remember to check that they are each connected to the power source in addition to remembering to turn them on and off as needed.

Read on to learn more about using strip lights as a lighting solution. 

1. Is there an alternative? 

Instead of installing multiple individual lights that you will have to control manually, consider the advantages of wi-fi controlled neon RGB LED strip lights. This product can greatly simplify your lighting control. When each light must be manually controlled then it is easy to forget an individual light or set of lights. You might go to bed in the evening and not realise that the lights have been left on until the morning.

Alternatively, the lighting control switch could be outside and you will be forced to leave the comfort of the sofa and go outside in inclement weather to switch the lights on or off. With a wi-fi controlled neon RGB LED strip light, your life is much simpler. Wi-fi controlled lights can be programmed to come on or off as needed. If you need to override the timer at any time then you can easily make the changes you need through the app without even needing to stand up. If you can't be bothered to try and find the relevant app on your phone then you can even use vocal commands to make the desired change instead.

2. More than just on and off

While most of the time you will be primarily concerned with switching your lights on and off there will always be times that you want to make other changes. Perhaps, you would prefer the lights to be brighter or to display an alternative pattern or to flash more quickly or slowly? With wi-fi controlled neon RGB LED strip lights, all of those functions can normally be adjusted within the app so once the strip light is in place you can select any preferences you desire without any effort.

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